Patty Melt Burger Special (Monday – June 7, 2021)

Jersey steak-n-roll – $7.25

Our tender Philly style Steak and Trenton Mild Porkroll grilled with saute onions melted yellow cheese on a 7 inch Italian sub ( add sweet peppers .75)

Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich – $7.45

Juicy grilled chicken covered with melted mozzarella cheese topped with creamy Caesar dressing, lettuce, tomato and sweet peppers.

Patty Melt Burger – $5.95

Our Grilled Swiss & American Cheese combo on toasted deli rye stuffed with our Angus Burger & sauted onions.

Chicken Empanada – $10.95

2 CHICKEN ( Pollo) Empanadas, 3 Jalapeno poppers
Rice, fried plantain with cinnamon sugar…sour cream crema agria and salsa picante ( hot sauce )