Pasta with Diced Tomato & Basil Special (Thursday – April 29, 2021)

Pastrami Joe Special – $7.25

Lean Pastrami simmered hot smothered with melted Swiss cheese and topped with our cole slaw and Russian dressing with sliced pickle.

California Turkey – $6.95

Thumans low sodium Turkey breast sliced thin piled high and smothered with Muenster cheese on a bed of lettuce,tomato, sliced cucumber,slaw and tangy mayo dressing


Low sodium Thumans Turkey Breast crisp bacon smothered with stringy mozzarella cheese topped with more bacon on a bed of lettuce with tomato and honey mustard stuffed into a 1/2 Italian sub..with side chips

Chicken Bacon Ranch – $7.95

Our tender CHICKEN breast grilled melted cheese nestled on top of a bed of lettuce covered with BACON and sliced tomato,smothered with our creamy ranch spread

Cheese Burger Popper – $6.95

Our 100 % Angus beef smothered with pepper jack cheese and jalapeno poppers on a bed of lettuce

Pasta with Diced Tomato and Basil – $7.25

Al Dente PASTA, ripe diced tomatoes, olive oil, galic, oregano and basil..with side garlic bread