Deli Sandwiches

Choice of bread or roll pilled high with your favorite meats and cheese..

B.L.T. – $6.50
Choice of bread toasted and filled with lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon and mayo

Grilled Chicken – $7.95
Tender Chicken breast fillet grilled till golden brown topped with lettuce ,tomato & mayo choice of bread

Pastrami – $8.50
Lean, HOT pastrami with Swiss cheese on deli rye. Topped with mustard, comes with a side of chips.

Pastrami JOE – $9.25
Our Sloppy Joe - lean pastrami with melted Swiss cheese, slaw, and Russian dressing on deli rye bread...served with a side of chips.

Triple-Decker Cheese Melt – $5.75
Mixed combo of our finest cheeses melted between two slices of white bread and a middle slice of whole wheat -

Grilled Chicken Taco – $6.95
Tender grilled chicken sliced and covered with melted jack cheese, pico de gallo over lettuce topped with sour cream in a 8 inch soft taco