Philly style steak sandwiches

Lean meat and plenty of it...

#40 Steak & Hor peppers – $7.50
Tender sliced Steak w/hot peppers, onions on 1/2 7 inch italian sub

#41 American steak – $7.50
Philly steak with sub dressing. Lettuce ,tomato,onion,oil,vinegar and seasoning

#41A Steak w/peppers & onion – $7.50
Over tender Philly Steak with saute peppers, onions

#41B American Cheese Steak – $7.50
Melted yellow AMERICAN cheese over tender Philly style Steak with Lettuce,tomato,onion,oil,vinegar and spices..AN ORIGANAL

#41C Spicy Philly Cheese steak – $7.50
Our tender Steak smothered with hot banana peppers, saute onions and gobs of cheese on 1/2 sub

#41D Philly cheese w / peppers & onion – $7.50
Our Philly style tender steak, smothered with cheese, sweet peppers and onions on our Italian half sub..( choice of topping; mayo,ketchup,Russian dressing, horseradish sauce )

#41E Philly Italian – $7.50
Tender Philly Steak with saute peppers,onions and potatoes on 1/2 sub

#41F Italian style Philly CHEESE steak – $7.95
Our Tender Philly Steak, smothered with provolone cheese,sweet peppers,onions and potatoes on 1/2 sub