HOT Doggies

Plump Thumans 100 % all beef doggies almost a quarter pound ..have um your way...

Texas Weiner – $4.75
Thumans plump low sodium Hot dog smothered with our own Chili, mustard and diced onion ( add cheese .75 ) ( add fries $2.75)

Hot Dog – $3.75
Plump Thumans doggie almost a 1/4 lb.

Philly Dog – $5.95
Thuman's thick frank, philly steak, sauteed onions, melted yellow American cheese, and crumbled chips - on a toasted 1/2 sub.

Cheese Doggy – $3.90
One juicy hot doggy with melted cheddar cheese...comes with a side chips.

Chili Cheese Dog – $5.95
Thumans plump hot dog smothered with our Chili topped with melted cheese.

Italian Style Hot Doggie – $7.50
Sweet fried peppers, saute onion, and potatoes...smothering 2 all beef doggies on a toasted 7 inch Italian roll

Hot Dog Reuben – $5.95
Thumans plump doggie..grilled and topped with melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a toasted sub covered with mustard and served with a side of chips.

double DAG dare doggies – $5.95
2 ALL BEEF HOT DOGS smothered with sauerkraut and mustard in a Italian roll topped with sweet relish with side chips

German style doggie – $6.25
Our plump Thumans brand hot dog smothered with Sauerkraut, Slaw,sliced pickles and spicy brown mustard served with side fries

Fabulous Frank – $4.95
Juicy Thumans hot dog, wrapped in bacon deep fried and topped with Chile,mustard and onion with side chips ( add cheese .50 )

Cowboy Dog – $5.25
Thumans plump hot dog smothered with sweet and HOT peppers, onions, Cheddar cheese and topped with BBQ sauce

Chili Cheese Dog & cheese fries – $8.95
WE take our BIG plump Thumans hot dog, topped with our own ground beef CHILI and smothered with cheese and chopped onion with chili cheese fries and topped with chopped bacon ..

Burgeriener – $7.25
We take our 100% Angus beef burger and saute onions on top of crisp lettuce and mayo topped with 1/2 a Thumans wiener and melted American cheese. Then we add sliced tomato and the other 1/2 sliced Thumans all beef "HOTDOG" smothered with provolone cheese. Topped with a sliced pickle. Drizzled with ketchup and mustard.

PICKLE DOG – $4.75
Our extra plump Thumas all beef hot dog side by side with a sliced dill pickle and sweet relish topped with mustard comes with chips ( add onions .50 )

Cheese Hound w/cheese fries – $6.95
Our plump Thumans all beef Doggies smothered with melted cheese with a side of cheese fries

Double Dog special – $6.50
2 100% all beef plump doggies choice of toppings your way; ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut or NY style sweet onions uuummmm

Crackling Hot Dog – $3.75
Our Thumans all beef 1/4 lb hot dog..crisped in our fryer topped with your favorites..mustard, relish, onions ( add our recipe chili $ 1.25 )

BACON H Doggie – $4.00
Our Thumans plump all beef hot dog wrapped in BACON and crisped in our fryer topped with your favorites..mustard, relish, onions ( add our recipe chili $ 1.25 )