#11 – $5.95
Scrambled eggs omelet style stuffed with pepperoni and cheese on a 1/2 toasted Italian sub

#12 - 7 inch from our Original menu – $5.95
Italian style Sweet Peppers & fluffy eggs saute together for a taste treat smothered with mozzarella cheese

Egg with Pork Roll and cheese – $4.50
Jumbo egg, Trenton pork roll and cheese on a kaiser roll

Egg with Ham and cheese – $4.50
Jumbo egg, grilled ham and any cheese on your choice of bread or kaiser roll

Egg with Bacon Cheese – $4.50
Jumbo Egg, crisp bacon any cheese choice of bread or kaiser roll

Breakfast Wrap – $4.75
Jumbo egg, meat, potato, cheese...all wrapped up

Oscar Southern Style Special – $5.95
Thuman's low sodium Bologna grilled, with melted cheese topped with onion rings and a dash of deli mustard on a toasted kaiser roll. My Bologna has a first name, its GOOD ......

Double Wide – $5.75
2 eggs, 2 pieces if cheese, 2 pieces of meat (your choice ) on 2 slices of thick toast

Egg and cheese sandwich – $3.25
choice of bread or kieser roll

Bagel Cream cheese – $2.00

Brunch Wrap – $5.95
Fluffy scrambled eggs, grilled Ham,Turkey and Bacon topped with cheese and tomato on a bed of lettuce all wrapped up.. Served with side chips.

Porkroll & Cheese – $5.25
Mild Trenton Porkroll grilled topped with melted cheese on a kaiser roll

Sausage ,Egg & Cheese SPECIAL – $4.95
Sausage patty covered with a fried egg and melted cheese with a SMALL coffee....

Egg platter – $5.50
2 eggs any style, home fries and toast ( white, rye or whole wheat)

Hearty Egg Breakfast platter – $6.50
2 Eggs any style, home fries, toast and any meat ( add coffee .75) (add to go .50 )

Thick sliced bread dipped in our egg custard sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar ( add .50 to go ) ( add any meat 1.00 )

Fluffy pancakes – $5.50
Full order 4 fluffy pancakes ( add any meat $ 1.00 ) ( small coffee .75 )

Mc Lou – $3.95
Jumbo egg, any cheese on a giant English muffin ( add any meat $1.00 )

BIG LOUIE – $5.75