Pork Roll

#46 – $6.25
Trenton mild Pork Roll –grilled crisp on a 1/2 (7 inch) sub with lettuce.tomato & onion, seasoning evoo and vinegar

#46A – $6.25
Trenton Pork Roll, sweet peppers, onions saute together on a 1/2 Italian sub

#46B 7 inch – $6.25
Trenton mild Pork Roll & choice of Cheese topped with lettuce,tomato,onion with seasoning,oil and wine vinegar on a 1/2 Italian sub

#46C 7 inch The Jersey – $6.25
Mild Trenton Pork Roll, Melted Cheese, Saute sweet peppers and onion. Grilled your way and stuffed between our 7 inch Italian sub.

Sloppy Frog – $6.95
Trenton(Pork Roll) and Thumans Bologna topped with melted cheese( your choice ),grilled onions and mustard on a kaiser roll...

Porkroll & Cheese – $5.25
Mild Trenton Porkroll grilled topped with melted cheese on a kaiser roll

Pork Roll Popper – $6.95
Our Trenton mild Pork Roll smothered with melted mozzarella cheese,saute onions and Jalapeno Poppers

Grilled Boloney – $5.75
Thumans best Bologna grilled till the ends crisp smothered with American cheese and saute onions on a kaiser roll with a dab of spicy mustard

Jersey steak-n-roll – $7.25
Our tender Philly style Steak and Trenton Mild Porkroll grilled with saute onions melted yellow cheese on a 7 inch Italian sub ( add sweet peppers .75)