Main Street Burgers

Burger Wrap – $5.50
100% ground beef shaped to fit snuggly in our wrap with lettuce, tomato, pickle, & ketchup ( add cheese .50 )

Angus Burger – $5.50
100 % Angus Beef,hand formed grilled your way on a toasted bun. add fries 2.25

Cheeseburger – $5.95
Our Angus Beef grilled your way with melted cheese on a toasted bun

California Burger – $6.95
Lean ground ANGUS beef hand formed, lettuce,tomato,pickle, sweet onion,mayo and ketchup on a bun w/side chips ( add cheese $.50 )

California Veggie Burger – $7.75
California Veggie Burger 6 oz (all vegetables no fillers) on crisp greens with sliced onion,tomato and Avocado mayo on a fresh bun.

Burger Deluxe – $7.95
Our 100 % Angus burger cooked your way with fries,slaw and pickle..lettuce & tomato too..

Cheeseburger Deluxe – $8.50
Our Angus burger smothered with cheese with side fries ,slaw and pickle..lettuce & tomato too..

Crunchy Bacon Cheese Burger – $7.95
Our all-beef ANGUS burger, melted cheese over crispy bacon, sliced pickle, ketchup, and mustard...topped with crunched onion rings...on a toasted roll.

Turkey Burger Melt – $7.25
From our Main Street Burger Menu--Our own turkey burger, smothered with sauteed onions and melted cheese on a toasted bun with a hand full of fries on the side.

Tijuana Burger – $6.95
Our ground all beef Angus burger on a bed of lettuce, topped with melted pepper jack cheese, saute onion,salsa,sliced pickle on a toasted bun or Burrito style....

Burger Cubano – $7.25
All-beef ANGUS burger with thick-sliced ham, melted Swiss cheese, sliced pickle, and tangy garlic mayo on a toasted bun.

Burger Smash – $6.95
Fresh ground 100% ANGUS beef grilled tender - loaded with sauteed onions, cheese, and our special "Crunch Bunch" topping, smashed together with pickles, mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

English Cheddar Burger – $7.75
Angus all beef burger, melted cheddar cheese, topped with sliced pickle, crisp onion on a bed of lettuce and tomato and a dash of mayo between a toasted sandwich size English Muffin

Jalapeno Burger ( Tamarindo ,Costa Rica) – $6.75
Our fresh Angus chopped beef burger sprinkled with our spicy blend of seasoning, topped with saute onions, melted pepper jack cheese,covered with sliced jalapeno peppers and bacon...

Big Lou Burger – $8.25
100% all-beef burger topped with crispy onion rings,mozzarella stix and fries...covered with melted cheese, tomato, pickle,ketchup , mustard and crunchy topping. Served on a toasted roll ..

Chili Cheddar Taco Burger – $7.25
Our tasty chili and melted cheddar cheese over our all-beef hand-made ground beef burger topped with crunchy taco chips.

Ranch Burger Melt – $5.95
Our all-beef ANGUS burger with melted Muenster cheese topped with sliced pickles, tomato, sauteed onions and Ranch-style mayo...served with a side of chips.

Jersey Burger – $7.95
Thick slices of Trenton Pork Roll on top of our ground Angus beef burger topped with fried onions,melted mozzarella cheese, sliced pickles on a bed of lettuce...all on a Kaiser roll with ketchup,mustard

The Sensation – $7.25
Our fresh ground 100 % Angus beef burger smothered with melted cheddar cheese, fries, onion rings.pickle & ketchup...on a toasted kaiser roll

Avocado Cheese Burger – $7.95
Fresh ground beef grilled to perfection nestled on a bed of greens, topped with a slice of sweet onion, tomato and ripe avocado covered with melted muenster cheese. Add a splash of our own sweet relish all between a toasted bun...served with a side of chips.

Burgerami Joe – $7.95
Our Angus burger topped with lean Pastrami, melted Swiss, lettuce,tomato,slaw with thousand island dressing with side of chips.

Captain America Cheeseburger – $8.25
100% all-beef burger smothered with creamy melted yellow American cheese, pickles, tomato, crisp onion ring, and ketchup - with a side of our American cheezy fries.

Patty Melt Burger – $5.95
Our Grilled Swiss & American Cheese combo on toasted deli rye stuffed with our Angus Burger & sauted onions.

Surf & Turf Burger – $8.75

Turkey Burger Brunch – $7.95
Our own chopped Turkey Burger grilled,smothered with cheese topped with an EGG, more cheese and bacon...side chips and pickle spear

BBQ Bacon CheeseBurger – $7.75
100 % all beef burger, melted cheese, BACON , saute onion and BBQ sauce on our kieser roll with side chips

Brunch Burger – $7.95
We take our 100% Angus Beef burger cover it with bacon and melted cheese, smashed potatoes and topped with a grilled egg on a toasted bun with our creamy french mayo

Turkey Burger – $5.50
Our lean ground Turkey hand formed and grilled your way on a toasted bun

El Reno Onion Burger – $6.25
We grill a mound of onions then smash our 100 % all Angus beef burger on top and cook till a nice crust is formed. Topped with melted cheese,pickle,mustard and ketchup on a kaiser roll.

Bleu Burger – $7.95
Our 100 % Angus beef on a bed of lettuce covered with crispy onions, melted Muenster cheese. bacon and creamy Bleu Cheese dressing on a soft bun

Turkey Burger Western – $7.95
Our hand formed ground Turkey burger grilled your way and topped with a grilled egg covered with melted cheese and our Cowboy chili all over Nacho Taco chips

Cheese Burger Sub Melt – $7.95
Our Angus burger cooked your way with crisp onion rings smothered with cheddar cheese between fresh Italian sub roll with provolone cheese grilled till the cheese melts topped with ketchup and sliced pickle

Italian Burger – $6.95
Our 100% all ANGUS beef burger topped with grilled Capicola smothered with melted Provolone cheese and a crispy onion ring. Drizzled with our marinara sauce or your favorite topping.

Cheese Burger Popper – $7.95
Our 100 % Angus beef smothered with pepper jack cheese and jalapeno poppers on a bed of lettuce and mayo with sliced pickle