Garden Salad with Tuna Special (Friday – September 4, 2020)

Turkey & Zucchini burger – $6.25

Our hand formed ground Turkey burger with Zucchini ribbons saute with EVOO and seasoning tipped with melted muenster cheese and our Zucchini aioli dressing

Garden Salad with Tuna – $6.95

Mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and a scoop of our tuna salad right on top with your favorite dressing and croutons.

Sloppy Frog – $6.95

Trenton Taylor Ham (Pork Roll) and Thumans Bologna topped with melted cheese( your choice ),grilled onions and mustard on a kaiser roll…

Turkey Melt – $6.75

Turkey breast topped with melted cheese, tomato, and mayo served on deli rye toasted crisp…comes with a side of chips.

Lou’s Italian Hot Dog – $6.75

2 all beef plump doggies smothered with sliced potatoes,peppers and onions drizzled with mustard stuffed in a 1/2 (7 inch) Italian sub