Flat Bread Pizza Special (Thursday – January 16, 2020)


Smooth tasting low sodium Thumans Turkey Breast crisp bacon smothered with stringy mozzarella cheese topped with more bacon on a bed of lettuce with tomato and honey mustard stuffed into a 1/2 Italian sub..

Jersey steak-n-roll – $6.95

Our tender thin sliced Steak and Trenton Mild Porkroll grilled and combined with saute onions melted yellow cheese on a 7 inch Italian sub

GYRO Burger – $6.95

Our all angus beef burger on a bed of lettuce topped with feta cheese, tomato and chopped bite size pieces of beef and lamb GYRO with Mediterranean spices and Tzatziki sauce on a bun

Cheese Hound w/cheese fries – $6.95

Our plump Thumans all beef Doggies smothered with melted cheese with a side of cheese fries

Turkey Burger – $5.50

Our lean ground Turkey hand formed and grilled your way on a toasted bun

Flat Bread Pizza – $5.95

Our 9 inch personal pizza, crushed tomato, parmigiana cheese, mozzarella cheese, Italian spices and fresh Basil drizzled with EVOO.