Brunch Burger Special (Monday – September 14, 2020)

#4A (7) inch 1/2 sub – $5.75

Provolone Cheese, Lean Ham, Italian Salami just a little spicy for an Italian starter sandwich. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion ,vinegar,oil and spices

#30 From our Original menu – $6.75

Lean Low Sodium Thumans brand Roast Beef, Ham, Provolone Cheese smothered with Iceberg lettuce, tomato,onion, olive oil,vinegar and spices

Turkey BLT – $6.75

Our Thumans Celebrity Turkey breast sliced thin and stacked with crisp Bacon covered with lettuce, tomato and seasoning on a mayo covered 7 inch Italian sub ( add cheese .75 )

Grilled Boloney – $5.75

Thumans best Bologna grilled till the ends crisp smothered with American cheese and saute onions on a kaiser roll with a dab of spicy mustard

Brunch Burger – $7.95

We take our 100% Angus Beef burger cover it with bacon and melted cheese, smashed potatoes and topped with a grilled egg on a toasted bun with our creamy french mayo

Fabulous Frank – $4.95

Juicy Thumans hot dog, wrapped in bacon deep fried and topped with Chile,mustard and onion with side chips ( add cheese .50 )