Basil Pasta w/Chickpeas Special (Thursday – November 21, 2019)

Teriyaki Steak Sandwich – $7.95

Lean steak marinated in teriyaki sauce sliced thin and topped with melted Muenster cheese & sauteed onion served with fries.

Cajun Chicken – $7.25

Our tender grilled chicken breast with sliced hot peppers and onions drizzled with our Louisiana cajun sauce & covered with jack cheese on a bed of lettuce

California Turkey – $6.95

Thumans low sodium Turkey breast sliced thin piled high and smothered with Muenster cheese on a bed of lettuce,tomato, sliced cucumber,slaw and tangy mayo dressing

Basil Pasta w/chickpeas – $7.75

Pasta cooked al dente tossed in our Basil and EVOO sauce with chickpeas,diced cherry tomatoes,red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese
comes with side garlic bread
( vegan style no cheese)

Italian Jocko – $6.25

Salami, pepperoni, capicola,provolone and pepper jack cheeses with lettuce,tomato,onion and sweet peppers, drizzled with Italian dressing on a 1/2 sub.

#46C 7 inch The Jersey – $6.25

Mild Trenton Pork Roll, Melted Cheese, Saute sweet peppers and onion. Grilled your way and stuffed between our 7 inch Italian sub.